Works presented are from 2019 till now

Together We Fly, een ode aan de machtige vrouwe. Daar waar zij besluit te openen, wordt geschapen.

An ode to the powerful woman. Philae Temple – Temple of Isis.

Video / Photograph / Sound: analog loop of the voice.

Eén, digital pattern.

She that is, digital / analog.

Vision, series of self-portraits.

curtain samples, acryl paint, body paint, paper, details recycled paper, 2020.

Still of the performance / installation Death and the Rebirth of the Soul. Linen, silk, sound: analog loop.

Who are you, tree ode. Video, sound: analog loop.

Portal to All, installation paper / textile.

The Little BIG Book

Editons 10, 4 left, made from textile, leaves, ink, sound.

We live in a fast running world. Everything around us goes quick and a lot happenings at once.

We tend to forget how we feel within. This work invites you to slow down. To listen.

May you listen to the audio as an introduction to the work and your inner realms .

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